Engaged Communities. Safe Schools.

The single biggest factor to determine future success for children is education. When schools are safe and connected with their communities, students flourish even more.
Relatrix expertly delivers convenient, user-friendly web applications to engage your community and ensure a safe place to learn.

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is right for you?


Do you need family engagement and volunteers?

ezVolunteer knows what programs and services or in-kind resources your partners can deliver and when.

Do you need more support from your business community?

ezPartner builds a comprehensive catalog of what your schools need so partners can reach out and you can amplify impact.

Do you need a better and safer way to track people in your schools?

ezVisitor knows where visitors have

been as well as the purpose of their visit.

Do you need a more effective way

to communicate?

ezCommunicator builds a directory across all schools in your district for improved tracking and recognition.

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