How it works

Want to know more about our company?

Here are a few facts you and your district or organization need to know about Relatrix.

Software as a Service

Relatrix offers its customers community engagement solutions in a Software as a Service (SaaS) mode. That means there is never any of our software to install on your computers and you access all our services through a browser connected to the Internet.

Enterprise by Design

Our software platform, for all our products, lets you setup a site for each location/school in your organization.  Site administrators have a view and limited access to functionality and data related to their location, while Enterprise administrators can view data across your entire organization.

Security is #1

We take the security of our servers and the privacy of your data as our number one priority. Our servers are hosted in a secure datacenter with restricted access. We use firewall and virus detection software to limit who and how people can connect with our servers and we have 24X7 site monitoring for each customer that alerts us if there is a problem.

The company we keep

Our hosting partner is Amazon Web Services, which gives us server reliability and average ‘up-time’ of more than  99.9%, outside scheduled maintenance. We partner with, the largest background check company is the US for volunteer and visitor screening in our system.  And we work with IMIMOBILE, a global messaging provider to deliver optional SMS/Text services to customers.