Streamline the process of registering, screening, and tracking your school volunteers while growing engagement with your families and community.

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Register and Screen Fast

Allow volunteers to register online, choosing all the schools and activities they’re interested in. Then run a nationwide background check in real-time. You can assign multiple levels of approval to limit activities or allow unsupervised activities.

Speed Up Onboarding

Volunteers receive immediate notification of their status, whether approved or pending review. School staff can see new volunteers on their list, as soon as they are cleared. Schools can notify volunteers of additional approval steps and automate the process of getting them through any extra requirements.

Recruit For School Activities

Schedule upcoming programs or events and notify volunteers by email and social media. Direct them to your website to view available opportunities and sign-up from there. Send automatic reminder notifications and keep volunteers informed if something changes or the activity is canceled.

Empower Parent Organizations

Assign any approved volunteers as an opportunity coordinator in your ezVolunteer system. They can see all of volunteers signed up for their opportunities. Coordinators can send email reminders and log hours for volunteers on their phone or computer.

Track Volunteer Time

Know which schools your volunteers serve and what they are doing at the school. Allow volunteers to sign-in at a campus or log hours from home or using their smartphone during off campus activities and events.

Make Renewals Easy

Don’t make volunteers start over every year. Instead, save time and resources with automatic renewals. Set up timelines for volunteer rescreening. Relatrix alerts volunteers when it’s time to review their information. We rescreen them immediately, or they can opt-out, if they no longer wish to volunteer.

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