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5 Reasons to Renew Your School Partnership Initiatives

Community partnerships benefit your schools by delivering local support and aligning with shared goals. Local businesses want their school system to succeed, which attracts more families and businesses to relocate to the area. Developing these partnerships during COVID-19 has added new challenges. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Renew Your Partnership Initaitives’:

  1. Partners connect with students. Whether the business partner’s employees have children that attend the school or their business location is a short drive to the school, connecting with students is paramount for partnerships to work. The more a school interacts with its community the more positive messages and success stories are shared. 
  2. It’s a learning experience. Partners listen to their customers every day. When they attend a school event, they are listening to students, teachers and administrators who usually have new experiences to share. These interactions leave the business partner with a greater appreciation of schools’ needs and a balanced reflection of what the schools do to help students excel.
  3. Establish boundaries early. Establish a framework for defining school needs.. Ask for assistance and show the partner how they can help your school. Define roles for both your school and the partnership so expectations are understood. If your business partner only wants families and staff to visit their store, then that may not be the partnership for your school.
  4. Open communication is key. It’s important to set expectations with partners before, during and after an event takes place at your schools. Partners give resources, time and expertise to your schools. In return your schools should communicate their gratitude to the partner and offer recognition for any resources or services provided – small or large.

Commit your time to achieve BIG results. A partner’s time is valuable. Develop an ongoing relationship with your partners so they are aware of your school needs throughout the year and into the future. Make sure they are aware of the impact their resources make on your schools and students. Long term working relationships with your community partners are crucial to your success.

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