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How can we help you? The overviews showcase product features and benefits. Each video describes how the product can meet your needs. The data sheets include screenshots and are shareable. You can send them to your team prior to a demo or to introduce how Relatrix can help your school or organization.


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ezVisitor offers a kiosk to sign-in visitors easily and quickly. Check sex offender registries for “hits” and alert security when one occurs. Capture visitor photos and print name tags for each visitor with destination and time they entered the building. Set up lists of restricted visitors and track each visitor from one campus to the next.


ezVolunteer registers volunteers online during non-school hours in any language. The volunteer management system runs real-time, national, criminal background checks against commercial databases. Verify who the volunteer is at sign-in with a photo ID and print a name badge for their service on campus. Create volunteer opportunities for upcoming events and promote these activities recruiting volunteers to assist. Record volunteer hours on and off campus. Coordinators manage volunteers by school and district administrators can view who is volunteering, where they volunteer and how often district-wide.

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Recruit partners already in your network to register on ezPartner and allow new businesses to apply online to become a registered partner. Create a resource inventory of school requests and partner offers. Both the partner and school input their information and needs or resources to be viewed by those that are matched. Can also upload district needs from the community engagement team and general offers for all schools by community organizations. Track outcomes of each match and keep partners and staff informed of targeted news and updates.



Recruit, screen and track volunteers as they serve your students and schools.


Match school needs with resources from local partner businesses and community organizations.


Keep your schools safe and welcome visitors to each campus.


Engage your community and target messages to stakeholders before, during and after an incident occurs.

frequently answered questions

Do I have to license all Relatrix’ products or can I use just one?

Relatrix’ Community Engagement platform is designed so you can start with just the product you need and expand when you’re ready.  You can also roll-out our products on a phased basis, starting with a few locations and growing to full-deployment on a schedule that works for you.

How much does Relatrix cost?

Depending on the products you choose and the number of locations using our software you can start for as little as $250 per month.  Our pricing includes the costs for hosting the software, completing software and system updates and online and phone support.

Do I have to install your software?

No. All our software is web-based. There is nothing but a standard browser that has to be running on your computers to use Relatrix.

What about hardware?

Relatrix is a software company. We do not sell any hardware. If you use our sign-in software that requires any extra equipment we provide you with a specification and your IT department can find the best deal for your organization.

How do you handle training?

Introductory training is included as part of our set up services. We provide ongoing webinar training for all our customers or you can get in touch with your dedicated account team to schedule a personalized online training for your staff.