Large Metro School Districts

If you work in a district with enrollment of 65,000 students or more, Relatrix can help with these challenges:

  • Registering, screening and notifying volunteers when they’re approved – saving HR and schools time and keeping volunteers informed and engaged,
  • Scanning IDs, capturing current photos, screening visitors and printing nametags so you know who’s in your schools and can report with one button click – in case of an emergency,
  • Requiring visitor and volunteer to complete survey forms before allowing them to complete the sign-in process, in case your schools need to verify COVID status,
  • Tracking volunteer time on or off campus so you know the contributions of your volunteers, by school, affiliation or interest,
  • Inventorying school needs and matching those with local partner resources to improve the efficiency and impact of community engagement,
  • Recruiting partners and volunteers for your schools

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