How we see it …

Relatrix has been in business serving the K12 and non-profit markets for over a decade. We focus on providing competitive prices for the software services we deliver and on superior customer support. That means you will not find a better value or more dedicated team to work with as you work to optimize your community engagement and school safety programs.

Total size matters

The total number of users in your database determines the base cost of your Relatrix service. With customers who operate at a single location our lowest tier starts at $250/month.

Expand as needed

Change can be a challenge in many types of organizations. With Relatrix you can start with one product or at one site and expand the functionality and scope of your system when you are ready to do so. This helps you manage the change from offline to online or between online systems.

And much more

For customers who want to screen volunteers or visitors we offer added screening and sign-in services. Additionally, if you want to synchronize data between your in-house systems and Relatrix database, we have a service for that.  And if you want your administrators to use Single Sign On (SSO), we have you covered as well.