Whether you want to reach parents, staff, volunteers, partners or your community at large, ezCommunicator provides the communication tools to meet your needs.  Deliver email, text, web-push and post to social media and your website.



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Send Targeted Messages

With ezCommunicator’s Groups Module let users subscribe to receive specific information from your school or district and send email, text and push notifications.

Gather Feedback

Use our Forms Module for feedback or sign-up and group users by their response to a question. You can require that respondents be registered with ezCommunicator or allow anonymous submissions. You can even automatically send follow-up messages to form responders if they need to take further action.

Upload Attachments

Whether sending to volunteers, partners or users, you can upload attachments and track them in our Files Module. Attachments let you keep records of important documents online and linked to a user record.  With an expiration date you can also track when renewals are needed and use ezCommunicator to send alerts.

Post to Social Media

Every time your schools send a message by email or text they can also post their message to Facebook and Twitter, making the process of scheduled and synchronized messaging a breeze.

Translate on the Fly

While manual translation services are appropriate for some sensitive or high-priority messages, the volume of messages that go out from your schools and district office mean that auto-translation is crucial and just another ‘plus’ with ezCommunicator.

Track Your Effectiveness

With the ezCommunicator dashboard you can see how many messages you send, as well as how many reach your audience and are opened, giving you a view of just how effective your communications is over time.

ezCommunicator brings the most powerful set of online communication tools to streamline and simplify your job


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“We have increased our communications network using ezCommunicator. Now our parents, staff, volunteers and partners all know what is happening in our schools. They also provide feedback when asked using ezCommunicator forms.”

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Southeast Region

Find out how ezCommunicator can help you keep your community informed and engaged with your schools.

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