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Recruiting community partners and keeping track of  what your schools need can be difficult. Matching these needs with partner resources and tracking the outcomes of each match requires a partner management system. With Relatrix front office staff can verify who your school’s partners are and you can monitor how often each partner interacts with their school.

And Most Importantly…

You can do this with one integrated platform beginning with only the product you require and expand to more as needed.


Ensure volunteers safely enter your campuses to bring extra help to students and staff. ezVolunteer provides real-time background checks when volunteers register. It allows schools to recruit volunteers and track their time when and where they serve each school in the district.

Recruit local businesses and organizations to provide crucial resources to help your schools and students. With ezPartner you can track which partners work with which schools and district programs and the impact they make. Create a list of school needs and match them to the available partner resources.

Whether trying to connect with parents or volunteers, partners or staff, ezCommunicator gives you multiple ways to target and reach your audience in any language. Using multiple platforms including email, text, social media, web and RSS feeds… get the word out and sync with your in-house data sources. Gather feedback from your community and assign school relationships to each user when they register.

Don’t take our word …

“We knew our schools had partners, but there was no streamlined approach to generating this data and matching it with school needs. Now each school shares what they need with their partners and the district is able to recognize the contributions our partners make both in-kind and through time and volunteer service.”

Volunteer Coordinator of Large Metro School District

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