Administrators have numerous responsibilities within the course of a weekday. Communicating with staff is at the top of that list after keeping your school and students safe. How do you notify staff when a safety drill or incident occurs? Can you reach them quickly and with the details they need to prepare or respond to a situation?

Relatrix knows how frustrating it can be when your staff is not aware of what they need to do or where they need to be. Our software, ezVisitor, gives administrators the connection they need to contact campus staff, or the crisis response team, in the event of an emergency or drill by text and email. Administrators can also send important messages to their school community using the emergency response protocol.

Having a practice drill? Staff alerts can be sent when it’s time to return to the building. Looking for a student during a drill? ezVisitor can ask his or her teachers for the student’s location.

As staff changes from year to year or during the school year, ezVisitor can update the staff list and ensure you have the email addresses and cell phone numbers needed to make a quick connection.

ezVisitor software is helping schools keep their buildings safe. We can verify the visitor’s identity, check the National Sex Offender Registry, print a name tag and track the visitor’s purpose for visiting. When the visitor is ready to leave the building, he can sign out using the ezVisitor kiosk or office staff can sign him out with one click of a button.

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