Do you emphasize the importance of your Partners in Education program to your district and your community? How do you present important data in an easy to understand format that will make your partners and school administrators want to continue to grow your program?

According to market research, the average person is exposed to between 6,000 to 10,000 messages per day. That makes it challenging to keep your audience engaged if you only deliver multi-page reports or even a press release about program impact. Instead – try an infographic. Infographics are a popular form of content not only for people to view, but also to share across multiple channels including social media.

One of Relatrix’ ezPartner customers, Oklahoma City Public Schools in collaboration with their Foundation, recently published an infographic to share the cumulative impact of their ‘Partners In Action’ program. The infographic highlights:

1.  Number of partners enrolled in the program
2.  Projects completed
3.  Dollars raised and the impact the dollars had
4.  Snap shot of schools hosting major events
5.  List of schools with partners

Our ezPartner Dashboard contains much of this information and is just a click away when you sign-in. The rest you can obtain from the ezPartner Reports module. From your dashboard get a quick read of:

1.  Outcomes in terms of Students, Staff, Volunteer and Donations from your program
2.  Most recently signed up partners
3.  Category breakdown of partner offers and school requests
4.  Most active requests and offers, based on outcomes

Don’t be afraid to spur some friendly competition between campuses highlighting your most active campuses and partners using the above data in your infographic.

As you plan for the coming year, consider setting goals for your schools and program in terms of the data and outcomes you are tracking. Do you want to register 100 new partners? Complete 200 projects? Connect 400 students with mentors or enroll them in internships? These goals will help everyone focus on specific actions to take and data to log into ezPartner.

Share your infographic on your social networks, in your district newsletter, with your school administrators, on your website, and with prospective partners. An infographic can help demonstrate your success while allowing your partners and schools to see endless possibilities working with your Partners in Education program.